Vintage George & Martha Washington Lamp

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Beautifully hand painted "George & Martha Washington" porcelain lamp
with plenty of 24k gold trim.

This lamp is in excellent condition!
No scratches nor cracks, beautifully preserved.

This lamp will enlight any room with elegance and warmth.

*Brief History of "George & Martha Washington" Lamp:
Most George and Martha Washington lamps were made of porcelain circa 1940.
They were commonly made with real 22-24 K gold trim.The decorative figures
are usually in various states of romance, picnics, dancing, poetry, singing, etc.
The original paintings on many of these lamps were originally from the French artist
Jean- Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806).Although commonly called George and Martha
Washington lamps, the decorative figures adorning these porcelain lamps actually
represent wealthy members of the court of French King Louis XV around 1765.

George Washington lived from 1732-1799 so he was alive when the original designs
were created for these beautiful lamps in France.

George and Martha Washington lamps are no longer being produced and the
value of these vintage lamps continues to rise." 

This Vintage Table Lamp is a rare find and in mint shape and has outstanding

Natty's Attic Special Price: $250.00

Payment Method: Pay pal, Major CC.

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