Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hey Pals,

It's Katie here today.  Butchy is sleeping off another seizure he had this morning.  We finally have some pretty colors around here in Ioway.  Our pink Magnolia tree is in full bloom, well it was 2 days ago that is....

We keep getting frost at night, so now the flowers are brown and icky.  Our yellow magnolia tree has it's buds just starting to peek through:

It looks like we might be safe from frost for about 4-5 days, so hopefully we'll be able to get a picture of the flowers in full bloom.

We've been so busy with doctor and vet appointments lately.  Mama has her appointments over with now for a bit.  I Katie had my heartworm blood test done this week and I'm worm free!  This was my first blood draw and I was such a good girl.  I held very still while the vetpire took my blood, hehehehe.  I love going to the vet, especially when he gives me those treats.  I sure gobble them right up, unlike Butchy, who won't touch them until we get into the car.

I'm 14 months old now and I weigh 13.8 lbs.  My fur mama Lily weighs only 16 lbs. so I'll be a small girl.  Hey, maybe Lacie and I can share our wardrobes.  We're about the same size, tee hee!

Mama also took some pictures of Zeek the other day and got a few good ones of him.  Can you believe that tomorrow he will have been here with us for 5 months now?  He is such a sweet kittie.

We still can't believe that his owners didn't want him anymore, such a shame.  And here is my brudder Butchy:

We just can't figure out why that mean Seizure Monster wants to keep bothering him.  Just look at that sweet face......

Butchy has been on the added drug Potassium Bromide now for 8 days and so far he has had 4 seizures and one day he woke up at 4AM wanting to go outside, but was walking wobbly that whole morning.  So he might have had one before he woke us up.  So we are not seeing an improvement yet since starting the drug.

Mama talked with the vet on Tuesday and if Butchy does not have a good enough improvement by May 16th, the vet will increase the dosage of the Potassium Bromide that day.  Normally you are supposed to be on the drug for 3-4 months, then take blood serum tests and determine if an increase can be given.  But the vet does not want to wait that long for Butchy.  He is just getting too many seizures.  So the vet is confident that an increase could be given on the 16th.  And you know what that means?  More green papers that Mama must spend.  Yikes!

So, since Mama has a ton of collectibles that she no longer has room for, we thought we would post a few each week here on the blog to see if anyone would like to purchase the items.  The money will go to buy Butchy's medications.

Here is a list of the types of collectibles we have in case any of you collect these, or maybe you know someone that does.  We will be pricing these very cheap, but the buyer must pay shipping.  In the US, we will ship First Class mail to make it as cheap as possible.  Since the prices will be low, no use in buying insurance, etc.

Boyds Plush Moose
Boyds Plush Lamb
Boyds Resin Pieces-most with bears, some holiday pieces
TY Moose
TY Lamb
Various off brands of Plush Moose & Lamb
A few dog collectible plates, one bird collectible plate.

For the plush items, the smaller pieces will be listed at $5.00 each, the larger pieces $10.00 each.
The collectible plates will be $5.00 each.
The Boyds resin pieces will be between $5-20 each and for these if you want to pay for insurance, that can be arranged.

Now remember, these will not be auctioned, these are the asking prices.  We have at least 100 pieces.
If any of you collect any of these, if there is a certain piece you have been looking for, please email us and let us know and we can  sell it without listing on the blog.

Also, when purchasing an item, after we have your address, we will let you know the shipping costs.  We will take checks or PayPal for our blog friends living in the USA.  For Canada or other countries, we can only accept PayPal.

So please help spread the word to any Moose or Lamb collectors.

We also ask that you pray for our buddy Mango.  He had 2 really bad cluster seizures yesterday and has now started on Phenobarbital.  We sure hope it works for him.

Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Katie, Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek ads

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