{top five friday} summertime!

Friday, May 20, 2011


helloooo friday loves! :)

today i am very excited to share something with you. something that i named as a goal on my 30 day detox top five last friday. something so totally amazeballs that i am squirming in my pants to run with it.

i have kind of, sort of, maybe just a little bit started formulating a temporary idea for a plan that i might put into place that could possibly one day morph into a hand made business.

{i know}


i can't share details yet. the idea i have stemmed from a gift i made for my sister-in-law's baby shower and i don't want to spill the surprise on here, you know because she like stalks my blog and all.

{hey mccall!}

but i can tell you this. i have a name. and i have an etsy account set up in that name... but i don't have a shop yet. i'm still working on that part.

i will very soon have a logo with that name and i don't want to spoil that for you but i will ask for this...

your continued prayers and encouragement because seriously folks... it keeps me going! knowing that i have friends that think what i do is worthy makes my heart tumble around a bit and swell up inside.

oh and by the way, the hubs is totally backing me up too, which makes my heart almost burst. i'm pretty sure i have the best husband ever ever ever.

so - on with the top five friday!

it's summertime!

{are you singing summertime by will smith? nope? bet you will be now. all day. you're welcome.}

ok well not officially summertime. i always know when summertime officially starts because it happens that the hubs' birthday is on summer solstice, june 21, the loooongest day of the year.
{yep - he never lets me forget it}

but in the south it is already hot & humid, the pools are warm enough to jump into and the sno cone stands are already open!

here are my top five favorite things about summer


even though i am a white-white-white girl i love the sunshine. i love the warm envelope of happiness it wraps me in. i love the tingle when i am in it just a little too long. i love to jump in the pool and then lay in the sun and let all the water evaporate off me. i love to open my sunroof on a long drive and let the sun warm my car up. i love to squint through sunglasses at a beautiful sunset at the lake. i love to sit outside in the mornings and watch the sun filter through all the trees behind my house.

and don't worry - i am a huge supporter of spf and don't carry anything less than 50 with me at all times. it's a rare occurance that i get a sunburn anymore.

icy cold drinks in mason jars

nothing screams "i live in the south" better than a cold refreshment served in a mason jar. sweet iced tea for you, unsweet for me, lemonade, dr. pepper, mint juleps, water... you name it & i can almost guarantee it will taste better coming from a mason jar.



omigawsh omigawsh omigawsh. squish a perfectly burnt, gooey marshmallow and creamy milk chocolate between two graham crackers and i am in my own little version of heaven.



i would definitely love cut off jeans a whole lot more if i looked like this in them. but i don't. and that is ok with me! why is it cutoffs are so comfy anyways?

i love the casualness of them and how you can just throw them in the floor of the boat and jump in the lake and when you come back they are more comfy than they were before! i love the way they look with a comfy, soft white shirt and brown sandals. i love the tiny bits of sand that collect in the corners of the pockets after a day at the beach.

do you have a favorite pair of cutoffs?

the fam dam


every year on july 4th weekend my entire family gathers for a reunion (which we have affectionately named the "fam dam reunion" and it is always soo much fun. this will be our 21st year in a row to have one. read about the 20th year here.

here is the catch though:
they are by invitation only.
if you get invited and you don't come, we talk about you
and you don't get invited back.

this is of course a joke. kind of.

this year we are going to galveston, texas. and while i don't loooove the beach as much as i loooooooooove the lake where we usually go, i am nonetheless excited to see all of my family!

so let's have it. what are your favorite things about summer?

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