This is so the worst thing you're going to read all day.

Friday, May 6, 2011


[Trigger warning for stalking.]

Do You Have a Jealousy Problem?, which Shaker lizardbreath, who gets the hat tip, aptly summarizes as: "I'm so glad big burly science brains [studied] why crappy things people do make people feel crappy, the results of which are characterized as OMG LADiEEEZ AMIRITE?!"

I'll just add that the author of the piece is Maura Kelly, last seen writing a loathsome fat-hating piece for the same garbage publication. Color me unsurprised that Kelly's thinking on the issue of jealousy is equally failful: There is not, in fact, a direct line from jealousy (even real jealousy, and not the "being shocked at being treated like shit" that's masquerading as jealousy here) to "turn[ing] into a Lisa Nowak—the NASA astronaut who drove 900 miles from Texas to Florida, in a disguise consisting of a wig and trench coat, while wearing an adult diaper (so she wouldn't have to make a rest stop) with a small arsenal of weapons (including a four-inch buck knife) so that she could corner her ex-boyfriend's new girl in a parking garage and threaten her." ads

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