SPRUCE KNOB ~ Highest Point in West Virginia

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This was my first trip ever to Spruce Knob and it was absolutely beautiful.
Spruce Knob sits 4,863 feet above sea level which makes it the tallest point in West Virginia and it's also the tallest mountain within the Allegheny Mt. Range.

The view from the lookout tower ~
  Mountain tops for as far as you can see, a thick forest of Spruce trees and large boulders that littered the ground.
Those trees were a welcome sight after standing atop the lookout tower. The winds were pretty strong but once we were back on the ground those trees offered shelter from them. We could also feel a definite temperature change as our bus began climbing the mountain road...glad we brought warm winter clothing.
                              Looking out over Germany Valley
On the way back down the mountain we stopped for a view of Germany Valley and a lesson on the formation of these mountains which happened millions of years ago during the Paleozoic Era.
I'm more of a history buff than a science lover but let me tell you, I learned so much from this group of Science teachers and I loved every minute of it!
I hope that this science fieldtrip will continue for many years to come. It was an AWESOME learning experience for the kids as well as us adult parents.

Next stop... The Sinks of Gandy!


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