Reminder: "Punch's Cousin" Will Return on Monday

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last week as Punch’s Cousin moved ahead, Barbara Allen had quite a shock when she discovered that Julian, Robert and her son will still alive. Barbara vowed to live an honest life and not squander her newfound chance. While Cecil was doubtful, Mr. Punch believed his master’s sister and welcomed her to stay (along with Charles) in their home.

Meanwhile, life was further complicated for Barbara—and everyone else—when Arthur returned to New Orleans along with his seedy companion, Gerard. Cecil told Arthur that he and Punch would help him if Arthur continued his seduction of Ulrika Rittenhouse and retrieved the missing blue diamond.

Speaking of Ulrika, she was thrilled to see Arthur and wasted no time in using him for her own plans. Leaving Iolanthe’s ill child at Edward Cage’s house, Ulrika and Arthur hurried to the prison to tell Iolanthe that she’d been framed for a murder she did not commit. Enraged, Iolanthe vowed revenge—as she does.

Adrienne, Robert and Marjani ended up at the home of one of Marjani’s friends—the Routhe family. Mr. Routhe delivered a message to Punch and Cecil, letting the two men know that they were safe, for the time being. But, were they? With Marie Laveau and Giovanni Iantosca lurking outside, their peace might be in danger.

Furthermore, Julian’s getting antsy. Calling Mr. Punch in to their private internal room, Julian had a message for his other half—and a surprise visitor. Naasir’s spirit lingered within Julian. What did he have to impart to Mr. Punch? We’ll find out this week.

As Mr. Punch and his friends face threats from Iolanthe, Ulrika, Marie, Edward, Giovanni and Arthur, they’ll soon discover that circumstances aren’t going their way. Look for Robert to do something truly surprising and expect to see Marjani’s strength tested. Will Barbara be able to resist Arthur’s odd charms? A big turning point will come this week as Punch’s Cousin continues.

Many thanks to all of you for your continued support! This promises to be an exciting week!


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