Reminder: "Punch's Cousin" Will Return on Monday

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Poor Mr. Punch! In last week’s chapters of Punch’s Cousin, we saw Edward Cage corner Mr. Punch and his friends after his valet, Odo, hijacked their carriage. As Edward demanded his son back, he grabbed Adrienne, insisting he’d not release her until the baby was returned to him. For once, Ulrika’s intrusion worked to their advantage and Edward let Adrienne go. Ulrika, who happened to have possession of Iolanthe’s son, proposed a scheme wherein she’d keep her silence about the false murder of Punch/Julian, the baby, and Robert in exchange for the Fallbridge Fortune. Clearly, Mr. Punch was no interested in what she had to say. Robert seized the opportunity to speed of in the carriage with Adrienne and “Colin” inside. Luckily, the happened upon Marjani on their way.

Marjani, who had just managed to escape the torture of Marie Laveau, guided Robert and their charges to the home of some of her friends who agreed to help them. But, they all knew that they were working on borrowed time.

Meanwhile, Barbara narrowly escaped an attack by Charles’ murderous brother (by konking him over the head, Mr. Punch style) and reunited with Charles who told her that they could start a new life together. Bereft upon learning that her brother and son had been “killed,” Barbara tried to murder Giovanni, but Charles stopped her. Of course, as a murderous fellow would, Giovanni vowed revenge.

Furthermore, life is complicated by the return of Arthur and his slightly dimwitted new friend, Gerard. Arthur’s first stop was the house on Royal Street occupied by Mr. Punch and his friends. Cecil surprisingly proposed that Arthur assist them in not only distracting Ulrika, but also retrieving the stolen blue diamond. Later, Cecil and Mr. Punch realized that probably wasn’t a good idea.

This week, with Arthur reunited with Ulrika, Iolanthe in prison—furiously waiting for her own brand of justice, Barbara and Charles on the run, Marjani still on Marie’s list and Giovanni bent on revenge, Mr. Punch will have an even more difficult time than ever in protecting his nephew. It promises to be an exciting week! If you’ve missed any chapters of Punch’s Cousin, you can read them in the Chapter Archive. Come back on Monday for an all new Chapter! ads

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