Reminder: "Punch's Cousin" Will Return on Monday

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Things were looking up for Mr. Punch. After the tragic mistake of faking the deaths of Robert, Mr. Punch and the child, the group of friends were finally on their way toward reuniting once again. Thanks to Marjani, Robert, Adrienne and the baby were safe and able to communicate with Mr. Punch and Cecil who waited for them. Barbara’s change of heart and the assistance of Charles added strength to their fight. Despite the interference of Ulrika and Arthur, Marie Laveau, Giovanni Iantosca, and, of course, Iolanthe Evangeline, it seemed that Punch and Robert would be able to finally leave for England with “Colin” and start a new life.

But, all of that was soon to change. Robert, Marjani, Adrienne and Colin soon found a new threat in the strange alliance of Giovanni and Marie. As Giovanni threatened Robert with a knife, we were left wondering who would survive.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Ulrika revealed to Iolanthe the facts of the deception which landed her in prison. And, then, to make matters worse, Arthur set about his own agenda by drugging Ulrika with the very same herb she had used on him.

However, the biggest threat of all might just reside within Julian/Mr. Punch. From inside their shared body, Julian urged Mr. Punch to listen to a tale told by Naasir’s spirit. As Naasir revealed that Punch and Robert were not destined to raise “Colin,” Mr. Punch became distraught. Punch’s grief was soon interrupted by a strange, new booming voice. Could it be that a third personality lives within that body? What could that mean for the future of Julian/Punch and their loved ones?

We’ll get these answers this week as a surprising twist ends up changing everything forever. Come back on Monday for Chapter 251 of Punch’s Cousin. If you’ve missed any chapters, you can read them in the Chapter Archive.

Many thanks to those of you who have been reading Punch’s Cousin. I promise this week’s chapters will not disappoint you. ads

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