The Rabbit Knew But He Wasn't Saying...

Thursday, May 19, 2011


 I finally got in the groove last night. It was a pretty good day and when I got home last night my contributor copy of Sew Somerset was in the mail. There was something about seeing my art on the cover that got me in a creating kind of mood, LOL (I don't know why that would be?)
Anyway, I made this mixed media piece titled "The rabbit knew but he wasn't saying"

 It started with an old book cover, then some collage and paint for color. I then added a texture piece that I made for my corn starch paint texture video and layered that in as well. I think it looks nice as the "house".
 The title is still a work in progress. I wrote it on an old piece of music but I think it needs a little something extra. Thinking about using Ice Resin on it. I really think that will work. I'll let you know how it goes.
 And the finished (almost) piece. So loved the little copper rabbit chocolate mold I found at the flea market last year. I just knew I would find him the right home eventually. ;-)


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