Question of the Day

Thursday, May 5, 2011


What decorative body modifications have you made, if any?

I've never had anything done, aside from getting my ears pierced when I was a kid and dying my hair. I'm all for pretty much any kind of body modification (You want a bifurcated tongue? I will celebrate your bifurcated tongue!), but I've never had a compelling desire to do anything myself.

I love the look of tattoos, and rather fancy getting one, although I've never come to any decision about what I might like to get. I'd quite like something decorative on my hands, but I've had tattooists tell me they don't recommend intricate work on the hands, because maintaining it is tough.

I imagine I'll probably spend my life vaguely contemplating now and again what sort of tattoo I'd like to get, and never actually getting one. Or, I'll wake up one day with a bug up my ass and come home inked to the nines. ads

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