Punch's Cousin, Chapter 249

Friday, May 20, 2011


With a speed he never thought himself capable of, Robert cut through the mist and rushed into the alley where Charles stood—menaced by Marie and Giovanni.

Marjani panted, hurrying after the doctor—whispering in rasps behind him, “Think, Doctor, think about what you’re ‘bout to do.”

Upon approaching Giovanni, Robert yanked the man backward by his shoulder.

Giovanni howled, stumbling backward. He prevented himself from falling and glowered at Robert.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Giovanni barked.

Robert ignored the man. “Charles,” he said quickly. “Go into the house with Marjani.”

“Come along, Charles.” Marjani said quickly.

“Who do you think you are?” Giovanni spat. “How dare you interrupt my discussion with my brother?”

“So, you’re the brother, are you?” Robert growled. “You’re the man from whom Charles has been running?”

“I don’t know what Carlo has told you, but we were just enjoying a reunion.”

“We were doing no such thing,” Charles answered sharply.

“Go in the house,” Robert repeated.

“Please,” Marjani urged.

“I’ve a message for you, Sir.” Charles said.

“You may give it to Mrs. Halifax.” Robert said. “I wish to talk with your brother and the Voodoo priestess.”

“Careful what you say,” Marie warned.

“Carlo!” Giovanni shouted.

“Go to Blazes!” Charles responded as he walked into the dress shop with Marjani.

“Sir,” Giovanni narrowed his eyes as he looked at Robert. “You should not have interfered.”

“Nor should you,” Robert replied firmly.

Robert’s eyes widened as Giovanni withdrew a knife from the pocket of his coat.

Marie laughed loudly as the knife glinted in the dim light.

“Perhaps it is time for me to wet my hands,” Giovanni chuckled. “I think your blood would warm me.”

Meanwhile, in Edward Cage’s Royal Street mansion, Arthur rolled over and pulled the blankets from Ulrika’s face. “So, then, Pet, do you regret sneakin’ me in now?”

“No.” Ulrika grinned with satisfaction.

“Did you miss me?” Arthur winked.

“Perhaps.” Ulrika teased.

“Nice,” Arthur replied playfully.

“I’m thirsty,” Ulrika whined like a child.

“I ain’t surprised.” Arthur sat up. “Let me get you something to quench your thirst.”

“There’s wine on the table.” Ulrika pointed.

“Of course there is.” Arthur said, getting out of the bed. He didn’t pause to cover himself. Ulrika watched as he crossed the room.

Arthur blocked the table as he poured a goblet of wine for Ulrika.

“Do hurry,” Ulrika moaned.

“Just a minute, Love.” Arthur cooed. “I spilled some.” Reaching for a cloth, Arthur retrieved the small packet of powder he’d hidden there when Ulrika was undressing. He poured the powder into her wine, letting it dissolve before turning around.

“Here we are,” Arthur smiled as he came back to bed. “This will do the trick.”

At that very moment, Cecil watched helplessly as Mr. Punch’s unconscious body thrashed around on his bed.

He tried shaking Julian’s body again. “Come on, then.” Cecil said urgently. “Wake up!”

Little did Cecil know, a terrible scene was unfolding inside that wiry body. Mr. Punch shouted as he ransacked the phantom room in their shared body.

“I ain’t gonna accept it!” Mr. Punch screamed. “I’m gonna raise that child as me own!”

“Please! Stop!” Julian urged. “You don’t know what you’re doing!”

“I do!” Mr. Punch argued.

“Stop!” An unknown male voice shouted—reverberating within the ethereal walls of that room that only they could see.

“Who’s that?” Mr. Punch paused.

“I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this,” Julian whispered. “If only you’d listened. Now, he’s awakened.”

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