Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hey Pals,

Thank you to everyone for your kind words & messages.  We don't know how we would get through things without all of you beside us.  Butchy had another seizure last night and is very very tired today.  But the tiredness is normal for him for a whole day after having a seizure.  Hopefully Butchy will be more himself tomorrow.

We hope you can visit our good pal Gussie's blog today as he has posted the first item up for bid in his auction to help raise money for Butchy's medications.  They will be listing one item per day.  So please stop by to check out today's item.  Thank you so much Gussie!!

After we post some pond pictures, we will have photos of the first set of items we have for sale to go for Butchy's meds too.  So be sure to scroll below to view the items.

We took a few pond pictures yesterday to show you.  Things are starting to green up around here, but the ponds will look much better in about 3-4 weeks when the iris and waterlilies are blooming

The pond farther back in the photo is actually the largest pond and that is where the koi live.  Once the pampass grass and other grasses grow, they will stand about 8 feet above the back end of the pond.

Here is Koi Sylvester:

The yellow fish is Koi Sugar: (she is one of our large breeding females)

And here's me Katie!  Hmmmm, what is that buzzing sound we hear?  Mama said it was the humming birdies.

Ok, now for our items we need to sell.  This first item is actually an antique Fox Terrier Wheelie, probably made by Schuco in Germany.  Since this is one of the antiques we have to sell, it is not the price of our other items that we will have here.

Antique Wire Fox Terrier on Wheels, probably made by Schuco, 1940-50's  Price  $160.00 plus shipping
The head does swivel and the wheels turn.  Mama has completely professionally cleaned the furs and she will repair the broken nose stitching.

Boyds Father Kissmoose SOLD

Boyds Minnie Moose - The Artisan Series  $10.00 plus shipping

Boyds Mendel Moose - JB Bear  # 5547  $5.00 plus shipping

Boyds Wannabee Ewe - JB Bean  $5.00 plus shipping

Boyds Flossie Lamb - Uncle Bean's huggle fluffs - # 602100 (rattle inside)  $5.00 plus shipping

TY Lamb 1997  $5.00 plus shipping

If anyone would like more photos of an item, just email us and we'll get some photos to you.

All of the Boyds & TY items are in mint condition.  If you don't collect any of these lines, please tell your friends to stop by and have a look.  Thank you!

Additional items will be listed each Wednesday.  If you would like to purchase an item, please email us at:

Please include your address so that we can figure shipping costs for you.  We can accept checks from our USA blogger pals.  ( If you send a friend that doesn't blog and they would like to purchase an item, please let us know that you sent them. )  All other countries must pay via our PayPal account and we will give you your total before having you pay via PayPal.

Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Katie, Butchy, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek ads

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