Object of the Day: A Special Desk

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I’m an arty sort of fellow—as you might have guessed. I enjoy working on my little projects, trying new media and making attractive things. I’m quite fortunate to have lots of space at my disposal. But, I never had a space which was designated for the creation of art. I’d end up working in the kitchen or in my study—neither of which lent itself to doing the often messy work that I wanted to do.

I’d long wanted a spot where I could set up an “art corner.” Now, thanks to my father’s handiness, I do. My father built this attractive desk/hutch to serve as my art center. Hand-built in an attractive antique-style, this new work space is the perfect spot for creating art. With its convenient cabinets, decorative arched niche and ample table, it’s the ideal workspace. Stained a delicious ebony color and backed in a cheerful, bright aqua, this desk is as functional as it is handsome.

Now, a corner in my utility room has become the space I’ve always wanted.


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