my very first 5K!

Monday, May 16, 2011


this post is part of my 30 day detox. click here to read more about turning negative into positive!

if you follow me on twitter you might have noticed a few tweets that look something like this...

in an effort to hopefully put off the random protruding 30-year-old fat, i decided it was time to do something. i knew i needed to be getting some physical activity.

i needed it to be free, challenging and to actually work.

i would have preferred that it include the words "snuggle on the couch, eat chocolate and watch movies" but we really can't have it all, can we?

rhiann on left. me on right - definitely not watching movies or eating chocolate.
i despise running. growing up a volleyball player i always categorized running as punishment. i never put two and two together that conditioning actually made you a better athlete. i just always thought my coach had a personal vendetta against me and therefore punished the entire team with 35-second line drills and sprints.

i knew about the couch to 5K program. all my friends were doing it. all the cool, rich, popular kids were doing it. so of course i had to do it.

all the rich, popular, cool kids

plus, it is free, challenging and from what i had seen from all the cool, rich, popular kids, it actually worked.

well, i guess {free} is relative. i paid $2.95 for an app on my ipod. but compared to expense of gym memberships and personal trainers and workout videos, $2.95 is essentially free, right?

before the race. rhiann has a tight grip on my shirt so i can't run away.
so i decided to take on running. it took a lot of positive energy and uplifting thoughts to actually make me start. i knew if i started with the attitude of "i never finish anything" i would in fact never finish this. so i signed up for a 5K. i needed a goal. some inspiration. a reason to force myself to roll out of the bed at 5 am other than warm cinnamon rolls.

the home stretch. proving to myself that the impossible can be acheived!

last saturday, the 7th, i ran across the finish line, still living and breathing and not carried by another runner, in my first 5K. i finally accomplished something i never thought i would be able to do...

basking in the glory of {not} coming in last!
(there were three people behind me)
enjoy running.

please don't ask me my time. my goal for this race was to survive. which i obviously did. i will record my next time at alley run in june. (yep, already signed up for another 5K - guess that makes me either "a runner", crazy, or both.)

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