Mr. Punch in the Arts: The Piccini Punch

Friday, May 6, 2011


"Piccini Punch" by Chris van der Craats
As we approach the beginning of Covent Garden’s May Fayre on Sunday and Mr. Punch’s 349th birthday on Monday, May 9, it’s the perfect time to revisit the work of “Piccini.” In the early Nineteenth Century, a travelling puppeteer known as Giovanni Piccini was attracting enthusiastic audiences to his Punch & Judy shows. His work was recorded by artist George Cruikshank who made the image of Mr. Punch famous. It is this variant of Mr. Punch which often comes to mind when thinking of good old Punch.

Punch & Judy Professors occasionally use puppets based on Piccini’s. Australian puppeteer and puppet-maker, Chris van der Craats makes an attractive and authentic reproduction of Piccini’s grimacing hero. He looks good for his age, Mr. Punch does.

(This video shows the puppet in action.  It's an odd size, so don't think it's your computer). 

Schematic for the puppet.
Chris van der Craats

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