Mastery of Design: A Platinum and Diamond Commemorative Brooch, 1937

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Thunderbolt" Diamond Brooch, 1937
Platinum set with Diamonds
The Victoria & Albert Museum
The combination of diamonds and platinum defined the look of the jewelry of the 1930’s. Designers created elegant pieces which not only served as ornaments, but lasting reminders of important events.

This platinum and diamond brooch from 1937 was created to commemorate the breaking of the World Land Speed Record by Captain George Eyston in 1937. Beneath rolling clouds, we see Eyston’s car, Thunderbolt, which Captain Eyston designed, built and drove himself. Powered by two aero engines made by the firm of Rolls-Royce, the car was celebrated not only for its speed, but its beauty.

As a token of their appreciation for the good press from this event, Rolls Royce presented this stunning brooch to Captain Eyston’s wife. It’s mighty nifty. Who says driving fast won’t win you anything? ads

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