lucky number seven

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


i have been thinking. a lot. about this number.


and about how i am going to make seven pounds disappear from my body in the next few days.

for starters, i am going to stop having nutella and toast for breakfast.

unfortunately that has nothing to do with the fact that i want to lose these seven pounds and everything to do with the fact that i am completely out of nutella.

i may or may not have scooped every last bit out with my finger last night. just sayin.

i had a couple people mention the 30 day shred with what's-her-face from the biggest loser.

i'm not going to lie. this woman scares the living daylights out of me. it also just happens that i received that as a birthday gift from some friends.

i know. i thought the same thing. but then i remembered that it was on my amazon wish list and got glad in the same pants i got mad in.

so i am hemming & hawing about whether or not i should submit to her hellacious video.

i also kind of have to decide the date that this little 30 day detox is over. because i first read & blogged about it on may 10th. but i didn't set any goals until may 13th.

in the interest of giving myself an extra seventy-two hours to burn off some fatty tissue, i am going to say that i have until june 13th. how does that sound with you?

good? good. i like you. we can be friends.

so here is how i am going to do it:

no more soft drinks.
no more beer. (yah. i have a beer occasionally.)
run three days a week.
spend one day of the weekend outside, doing some sort of activity.
(yardwork, sanding something, throwing a frisbee, etc.)

and that is it.

and p.s.
the more you people help me, encourage me, and keep me on track the better i will do. so please please encourage me because i need it. im a terrible self motivator and your sweet comments always make me feel like i am working towards something for the good of us all. i will love you forever and ever. amen.

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