It's been a beautiful weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday was very productive. I got my house cleaned up, laundry done, front deck cleaned off and organized, had a barbeque with some great friends and made duct tape dress forms with my friend Lydia.
Today has been so beautiful and finally NOT raining that I decided I could safely scrub and paint these old wire baskets that I've had for a while.
Had to take a wire brush to them as they were very rusted and then I spray painted them white with a rust blocking paint. I plan to sew up some burlap liners for them.  I think they are going to look very nice in my studio...
   We also got the rest of our garden planted. Yes we got a late start but I think it's gonna be alright.

Rodney found some neat colored carrot seeds and Abbi was excited to plant them...

Rodney's ankle is healing, as you can see he still has to wear a strong ankle brace on it, has metal supports on both sides....

William even came out to help plant...

Now we're off to another barbeque/ high school graduation celebration/ paintball party. The kids are going to have a blast!

Hope your weekend went well too!

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