Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey Pals,
This is not good news about me.  

I visited the vet today and had a lot of x-rays taken of my body.  I have 2 large cancer masses on my left lung which means that I have a primary brain tumor causing my seizures.  The cancerous tumor in the brain has spread to my left lung.  I have lost 1/2 pound in 2 weeks which is surprising with how much water I drink and food that I eat.  The drugs that I am on make me EXTREMELY thirsty and HUNGRY!!!  Did you hear me Mama???  I'm HUNGRY again.

I will have x-rays taken again on June 6th to see how fast the cancer is spreading in my lung.  This might give us some idea of how much time I have left on this earth with my family and friends, that is if we can get these seizures under control for awhile.

I have started taking the drug Prednisone now along with the other drugs I have been taking.  Typically this drug can maybe help shrink tumors.  So it's possible that it could shrink or slow down the tumor growths in my lung and brain.  It also might alleviate some of the inflammation and water on the brain mass which in turn might prevent some of the seizures I'm getting.   I'm having such a hard time getting around now.  This morning I jumped off of the big bed and crashed head first into the dresser.  Scared the crap out of Mama.  The only time I perk up is when it's FOOD TIME!

This is how I feel when I try to walk:

Like everything is all crooked and sideways.  I just feel totally bummed out now:

We took some pictures of our ponds and koi fishies today, so we'll post those tomorrow.  I told Katie that I must make sure she has learned all of the Koi Guard Duty skills as someday soon she will be Head Guard.

Mama will also try to post a few of our Moose and Lamb items that we are going to sell to raise money for my meds and tests.  Mama told me that I almost take as many medications as she does, hahaha!

Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek ads

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