Her Majesty’s Furniture: The Tulip and Crown Cabinet, 1780

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Gobelins Workshop, Adam Weisweiler
The Royal Collection
From the Gobelins (an interesting name) Workshop in Paris, this remarkable hardstone inlay cabinet is the work of famed cabinet maker Adam Weisweiler. An intricate puzzle of Oak, ebony, hardstones, tortoiseshell, brass, pewter, mahogany, boxwood, purplewood, gilt bronze, brocatello marble, this handsome cabinet caught the eye of King George IV while still the Prince of Wales.

It is said that the Prince of Wales was drawn to the pattern of tulips and crowns. However, it’s more likely that he was attracted to the cabinet because of his love of French craftsmanship. Regardless of his reasons, it was a smart purchase, and though it was packed away for many years, it now is one of the centerpieces of the furniture exhibit of The Royal Collection.


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