Happy Mother's Day Mom

Saturday, May 7, 2011


What can you say to your Mom to tell her thank you for being such a great Mom? Write about her and post her picture all over blogland!!!

I can hear you right now reading this Mom-I hate this picture and tearing yourself apart. I had to go back 2 years to find a picture of you. You always said as we were growing up that you were behind the camera, not in front of it-and I've decided-I'm going to take more pictures of you! By the way-someone at work last nite told me how beautiful you are!!!!! (BYW- I have people tell me that all the time about you!).

Anyway-I love you! I know we tell each other that a lot and I know I like to tease you about so many things-but I think you're great! I love spending the nite at your house so we can catch up(you can show me your quilt pieces for the hundreth time-just kidding)-no really-I enjoy our talks. The quiet time at the day's end when I can just relax and get some mother/daughter time without the distractions of the day. And- I love the extra little things you do to make my stay-over special(turning my bed down and chocolates on my pillow(which I didn't see and slept on all nite long one time!).

But most of all-I love to see how you continue to grow in life and in God and how you share that with your friends and family! Your and inspiration to those around you-and certainly to me! I love how you're taking enjoying life to it's fullest everyday. I hope you have a Wonderful Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!


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