Goal for the Day: Find Your Symbol

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Within each of our homes is an object which represents your life. From a particular work of art to a piece of furniture, there’s some iconic object which is a symbol of your life, your work and your values.

Around here, there are several pieces which are iconic of the home of Joseph and Bertie. The mother-of-pearl inlaid center table is a staple of the front hall and has become a representative of the house. The painting by Alexandre Marie Guillemin (seen on the masthead of the site) is symbolic of my work with Stalking the Belle Époque, the portrait of the mysterious woman in blue by Kollard represents my writing. The Royal Souvenirs are evidence of my interests and passions.

Even Bertie has iconic possessions. The stuffed cow that’s as long as he is and the squeaky parrot known as “The Lory” both represent his personality and interests.

Today, find those iconic items which you feel most represent who you are and what you cherish. Give them a place of prominence and importance in your home so that each time you see them, you will remember what matters the most to you. ads

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