Get Me to the Fainting Couch, Minerva!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am positively SHOCKED, I tell you, to hear the news that the GOP's first presidential hopefuls debate tonight in South Carolina will be preceded by a "Freedom Rally" that is sponsored by rightwing extremists groups!

Fetch me the smelling salts and a mint julep! My heart can't handle the alarm that the GOP's big tent is not, in fact, full of diversity and rainbows, but a bunch of sad old white bigots!


* * *

In all seriousness, my optimism for progressive and inclusive change is nearly boundless. Frankly, it has to be to do this job every day. Not only do I expect more, but I quite genuinely hope and fervently believe that most people are capable of delivering better and coming to expect more of themselves, given the desire and opportunity.

But I did say nearly boundless—and the boundaries of my expectation go just as far as the borders of the Grand Old Party.

I have no hope for them. For them, I have naught but contempt.

And, apparently, Victorian sarcasm. ads

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