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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


if there is anything i love more than making a list it is someone giving me a list to fill out. so when i read this over at katie's i knew my life would be incomplete unless i completed it.

and besides i know you people want to know this stuff about me. i mean, it is what makes me cool.

suave. you know, like shampoo. maybe not like shampoo.

anyways. here are some random things about me.

if not in west monroe i would live: back in my home town of white oak, texas. you know that song from the tv show cheers? "where everybody knows your name.." i think they were daydreaming about white oak when they wrote that song. i always thought i would want to move off and live my life somewhere other than the smallest town in the world but once i did that i realized how lucky i was to live in a town like that. i miss it very much.

or you know, segovia would be awesome. :)

my dream holiday would be to: i would take two months off of work and spend one month going through europe. i would visit england, ireland, scotland, wales, france, italy, germany, spain...

then i would spend the next month lying next to my husband on the white sandy beaches of sandals halcyon in st. lucia, where we honeymooned many moons ago.

my current obsessions are: pinterest, white ink tattoos, reese's peanut butter eggs, bigelow plantation mint tea with honey before bed, the outlander series and lists.

i channel my childhood self when i: think about my mom. i am so lucky to have had such a cool, thoughtful mom to grow up with. i love thinking about all the neat things she did with us and for us to make our childhoods memorable.

if i had to be outdoors all day i would: first of all slather up with spf 85 because i'm a whitey. then i would lay on the front part of a boat and ride around on the lake all day with a cold beer and good company. if someone could pay me to do that i would be in heaven.

my favorite quality in a man is: strong hands, strong heart and great sense of humor

my favorite quality in a woman is: confidence, quirkiness and loyalty

my dream car is: an audi a4, with jason statham behind the wheel.

my cocktail of choice is: a good, yeasty beer or a margarita made by my friend dan.

my celebrity crush is: female: jennifer aniston, eva mendes. male: jason statham (the italian job), john krasinski (the office), sean patrick flanery (the boondock saints)

my friends and i like to: hang out on the porch and drink wine, cook and eat together and go through antique and thrift stores!

if i could go back in time for one decade it would be: to the 1770s and only if i could live on fraser's ridge with claire, jamie, breanna and roger. for more information click here or see above in "current obsessions"

as a teenager i was totally into: volleyball, obsessing over a long-time crush, and being with my friends.

i tend to splurge on: good jeans, good cheese and good books. ads

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