A few days with no rain and the pool is finally in!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


With all the rain that we have been having I was honestly beginning to think that this day was never going to happen.
Luckily, the rain stayed away for a few days and the ground dried up enough to get this in here.
By the end of Friday we had the pool up and began filling it.
Now ~ two days later and we are still working on getting it filled.
No hurry though, because it's gonna be a while before the water is warm enough to get into.
But at least it's installed!

Other weekend happenings:
~ enjoyed the first backyard fire of the season with a few friends over
~ picked up a few more plants for my mini garden that I'm going to plant tomorrow
~ enjoyed breakfast out this morning for Mothers Day...yeah NO cooking!
~ tilled, raked and seeded grass around the new pool area
~ Grilled out with the whole family at my parents house for Mothers Day dinner...yeah again, NO cooking
~ didn't even have to do the dishes at Mom's because hubby did them for us.
Hope you all had a great Mothers Day too!
I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures from our trip!

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