Coming this Week at "Stalking the Belle Époque"

Sunday, May 8, 2011


It’s a new week at Stalking the Belle Époque. Let’s see what’s in store for you.

1. Antiques and interesting objects from my own collection? As always, you’ll get a glimpse into my unusual assortment of “stuff.”

2. Goals for the Day? Yes, there will be several helpful hints that you can employ in your daily life.

3. Punch’s Cousin? Mr. Punch has got more trouble on his hands. He’s put his trust in Arthur of all people. Besides that, he’s faking his own death. That can’t end well, especially with Iolanthe Evangeline waiting angrily behind bars for a murder that she didn’t commit. Meanwhile, Robert and Adrienne are in a sticky situation—hiding out with a stolen child. Marjani has still got issues with Marie Laveau and Charles and Barbara are in the path of danger as Giovanni seeks revenge. Add Ulrika Rittenhouse into the mix and you’ve got an exciting week.

4. A visit to an exciting location? This week, we’re in America, visiting the amazing mansion, “The Breakers.”

5. Gorgeous gems and jewelry? Absolutely! Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds. You can bet that Queen Mary is responsible for a good many of them, too.

6. Art? Paintings, sculpture, fans, gold-work and luxurious fabrics.

7. Unusual Artifacts? Certainly. This one is quite unusual.

8. A Gratuitous Bertie Dog Picture? Bertie will be popping up in another gorgeous work of art.

9. Classic cinema? I’ve got two wonderful films coming this week.

10. Rare antique photos? You can count on it—as well as some lovely frames.

11. Visits with two great celebrities who really work hard to make a difference? Two of your favorites! And, one of them is rather a surprise.

12. How the art world is keeping the spirit of the Belle Époque alive? We’ll take a look at a new exhibit at one of Britain’s finest museums.

13. Our favorite puppet fellow, Mr. Punch? As always, we’ll take a look at Mr. Punch’s influence on the arts and humanities. But, this week is all the more special as we celebrate Mr. Punch’s 349th birthday!

14. The Treat of the Week? Yes, however, this week’s will be something unexpected.

15. A Music Hall favorite? Saturday will bring a rare treat.

16. And much, much more? You bet! I’ve got some real surprises planned for this week.

So, there you have it. There’s a lot coming this week. I’m quite excited about all of it. Thanks for reading these many weeks! ads

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