Friday, May 20, 2011


Thought you'd like to see some of the beautiful scenery from Colorado!
These first ones are from the Garden of the Gods.  They are sandstone formations that rise out of the arid landscape, unfortunately we had a gray, overcast day, if the sky was bright blue, the contrast would have been spectacular with the red/orange rocks.

The Pikes Peak region has had three incarnations of the Rocky Mountains.  The oldest, Ancestral Rockies formed over 300 millions years ago.  They were formed of the same granite that makes up Pikes Peak today.  Pikes Peak has been dated at 1.6 billion years old.  The sediment from the Ancestral Rockies eroded down to create the conglomerate layer known as the Fountain formations.  The second incarnation of the Rocky Mountains was 70-80 million years ago.  They were also worn down by erosion.  
Pikes Peak was lifted by a third mountain building period about 10 million years ago.  The bowls on Pikes Peak were formed during the last great ice age 10,000 years ago. 

Thus, the Garden of the God is estimated to be 65-300 million years old.  Formations that erosion has uncovered for us to view, study and enjoy.  Dinosaurs also inhabited the area including a unique, nowhere else found, herbivore named Theiophytalia Kerri, which was found in the garden in 1886. 

The formation of the new Rockies caused the sedimentary layers to buckle and thus they formed into vertical shapes of the park.  Erosion has carved then carved them into these interesting shapes and forms.  

Kissing camels......
 The balance rock.....

These next ones are wind sculptures that are placed in the artist's front yard.  I believe they are made of aluminium and there were a number on the ground, ready to be erected.

Isn't this bird so beautiful! 

Not sure what this one is - but it is cool!  Just noticed the dog in the photo didn't even see him when I was taking the photo.

And a pelican!

Now the next ones are taken at Seven Falls......

Unfortunately we couldn't go up these stairs as they were wet and icy due to the earlier snow fall!??!?!

What a view!

That's the road below that we took to get up the mountain.
And yes that is a tunnel through the mountain that we are driving towards.

Garden of the Gods in the distance.....

The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are a rare historical treasure.  They are preserved under a protective red sandstone overhang.  They are authentic Anasazi cliff dwellings, built more than 700 years ago. You can go inside, climb and touch these fascinating architectural remnants of an American Indian culture that lived here from 1200 B.C. to A.D. 1300.  

And at last, the view from the Broadmoor, looking over their man-made lake, with the golf course to the left.

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