before & after {computer chair}

Thursday, May 5, 2011


i have owned this chair for... well let's just say for a while.

chair before_1a

it is pretty sad and pathetic looking, no? i think if you googled "threadbare" this is the picture that would come up..

chair before_3a

just screaming for someone to do something with it...

chair before_2a

i picked this chair up at a little vintage shop called the vintage find here in west monroe. it is pretty sturdy and i only paid $5 for it!

i have been wanting to make it over for months but just never had a chance to sit down and git 'er done. but i finally finished it last week.

chair makeover_3a

the paint color is "summer cottage" from valspar and was a freebie sample i got in their recent promotion.

paint color_a

i put a new cushion on the chair that we salvaged off an old couch that our neighbor abandoned a couple of weeks ago.

chair makeover_1a

now i have a "more-cushy-for-my-tushy" chair to rest my hiney in while i drink hot tea, blog and stalk follow you folks on twitter.

chair makeover_2a

not to mention it is a whole lot prettier than the chair before - you know the one that looks like my dog gnawed on it while i was gone for a while?

the seat was recovered with scrap burlap. i think it might see some chevron action in the near future.

oh and remember that drawer that i mentioned?

drawer organized

here it is all spic, span and organized thanks to these sweet little vintage tart tins that i got at a garage sale a couple of months ago. the plan is to velcro them down because they slide all over the place but for now they do a great job keeping me from jamming a pin in my finger while i am looking for a lost paperclip or rubberband! :)

while i was painting my sweet little seat i had a small-ish accident.

i say small-ish because to me it was no big deal. just a little lost paint.

to my husband, who for some reason hates paint on concrete, it was a big deal.

spilled paint_1a

cue me frantically holding the door open with one hand, the dogs in the house with the other and yelling at my husband to "bring me my camera - i have to put this on the blog!" while trying to keep the paint from running all the way down my leg and therefore getting more paint on the concrete.

spilled paint_2

by some angelic or serendipitous turn of events this is how the paint "splattered" on the carport floor.

i think it is kind of pretty myself. i may or may not have wasted many hours staring at it trying to make out some hidden word or message (one of them being serendipity) but have yet to come up with a plausible guess.

any thoughts? do you see a message in the drips and glops of paint there or am i just crazy?

anyhoo - new chair!!

chair - before

chair - after

as my husband would say for me
{i puffy heart love it}

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