Antique Image of the Day: Princess Maud and Prince Charles of Denmark 1896-1901

Friday, May 20, 2011


Prince Charles of Denmark and Princess Maud
Frame by Viktor Aarne of Fabergé
The Royal Collection
This beautiful frame of three-color gold, dazzling blue guilloché enamel, half pearls, rose diamonds, and ivory by Viktor Aarne of Fabergé rather steal focus from the photographs it holds. But, honestly, there are few photos which could rival the beauty of this magnificent frame.

Still, the photos themselves are quite handsome. Here, we see the pretty Princess Maud in a photo from 1896. Maud was the daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. The other oval houses a photo of her new husband, Prince Charles of Denmark who was quite a fine-looking chap. Maude married the Prince in 1896. From 1905 onward, he was King Haakon VII of Norway, ensuring that Maud always enjoyed a Royal lifestyle.


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