Algeria New 2000 Dinar banknote

Thursday, May 5, 2011


The Bank of Algeria has issued a banknote of two thousand (2000) dinars elements with the most current in design, reliability and security. The Algeria new 2000 Dinar Banknote said to have the latest security features. It has been released last week on 28 April 2011. On the obverse, it has a Figures: "2000" positioned vertically on the right side of the sticker and horizontally on the bottom left of the thumbnail. With Science and technology pictures. On the Reverse, it has a Figures: "2000" positioned vertically on the left side of the ticket, and a guilloche on the bottom of the band filigree. With picture of vectors of endogenous development.

As part of improving the circulation and security of banknotes, the Bank of Algeria had already brought upon issuance of the final cut, the elements of art security, including:
  • the watermark,
  • the safety wire to window
  • micro-printing,
  • the guilloches,
  • impressions invisible under natural light, but revealing under ultra-violet (UV) and in infrared (IR)
  • show through,
  • the band holographic
  • tactile elements, for easier recognition for the blind.

Nevertheless, and given the recent introduction of reproductive material and computer forgery attempts have been discovered. If these counterfeit products are quickly identified by professionals (Agents of Banks and post Algeria, security services and merchants ...), it is not always the case of users 'general public' do not take enough precautions to verify the existence of the security features yet sufficiently apparent, including: the watermark, security thread and hologram. To overcome this situation, almost universally, the Bank of Algeria, for its part, decided in order to better knowledge of signs Recognition and safety by the general public, to provide even the main elements which are elements of authentication.

In addition, this new issue of a banknote from 2000 dinars will allow:
  1. Increase the supply of fiat money.
  2. Enrich the range of banknotes passing five denominations (100 AD, 200 AD, 500 AD, 1000 AD and 2000 AD)
  3. Strengthen refreshing the cash.
  4. Modernize the ticket as the series of cuts in circulation back in the 90,
  5. Strengthen the fight against counterfeiting,
  6. Provide a break in tune with technological developments in this field.
In addition, the new banknote, includes security features such as:
  • Security Fund on the front and the back up of geometric figures, guilloche patterns, micro-printing, graphic and numismatic. The bottom safety covers on both sides of the thumbnail area and band filigree
  • Watermark
  • Wireless Security
  • Holographic Strip.
This new note will include other additional elements of security on board.


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