30 Day Detox: {Mind & Body}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i wake up each morning and thank God that He has chosen to bless me with another day.

then the negativity starts to hit me from all sides. all of the hatred in the world starts to bubble below my heart's surface and i begin the daily struggle of not reflecting that negativity on to my day.

the day that was given to me by my Maker. the day i should allow Him to fill with love and peace.

who am i to think that filling it with constant negative thoughts is OK?

yesterday i read this post 30 Day Detox: Mind + Body over at Little Chief Honeybee.

if you haven't already stumbled across Kaelah you are truly missing out. she is such a wonderful little bee to follow. i love her confidence, quirkiness and her devotion to be absolutely who she is 100% without worrying what anyone else thinks of it.

kaelah says:

the choice was easy. i want to DO THIS. i want to detox the filth and negativity from my life. i want to pass on prayers, positive thoughts and happiness in this world that is riddled with heartbreaking news and terribly negative points of view.

carrying it out will be much much harder. luckily i have a God to inspire me and good friends here to join me and push me along.

won't you join me and spread the happiness?

let's blog about happy.
let's blog about inspiration.
let's blog about love.

the world is only as beautiful as you make it. your happiness starts with YOU. go to kealah's. read the post. grab the button. use the hashtag. let's make it happy around here!

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