Something Borrowed: The “Halo” Tiara

Friday, April 29, 2011


The Scroll Tiara
After much speculation about whether or not the former Katherine Middleton would wear a tiara as she walked down the marble aisle of Westminster Abbey, we got our answer today when the Duchess of Cambridge emerged from her limousine wearing an historic piece from the collection of Queen Elizabeth II.

The “Halo” Tiara is, I am fairly convinced, also known as “The Scroll Tiara.” Made by Cartier in 1936, this exquisite diamond tiara was purchased by the Duke of York (later, King George VI) for his wife, Elizabeth (later affectionately known as “The Queen Mother"). He presented the tiara to Elizabeth just three weeks before he ascended to the throne, replacing his abdicating brother, King Edward VIII. The Queen Mother presented the tiara to Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) as a gift for her eighteenth birthday.

This beautiful piece of history was given new life this morning as it graced the head of Princess Catherine of Wales.

I should note that there is some debate as to the actual name of this tiara.  The official site of the British Monarchy refers to it as "The Halo," however many who study these things know it as "The Scroll."  Some feel that the tiara Katherine wore today is different than the "Scroll" tiara, but another created by Cartier in a similar style.  The Queen Mother owned over a dozen tiaras and this was a style which was popular in the 1930's.  I'll let you all look at the pictures and decide for yourselves barring any official identification between the two.  Regardless, it is a lovely diadem and was perfect for the Duchess. 


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