Shawnee Cookie Jar Bottom or now a bowl?

Friday, April 29, 2011


v. Isn't it cute as a mixing bowl? Sturdy little Shawnee cookie jar bottom with no of my auction finds this week that I just had to get up and listed...this one is in my Artfire shop. I found the cookie jar online but I don't even LIKE the top, but love the bottom! So, if this never sells, it's got a great home with me in my vintage kitchen, I am thinking utensils? Or maybe breadsticks?

I had a really busy Ebay week, with stuff listed and sold before the week was out. My favorite new vintage items are another 1940s tweed suitcase with stripes and a fabulous bombshell vintage bathing suit with a square neckline! And a vintage humidor, a neat Lands End garment bag that's not being made anymore and a really neat vintage wall sconce. More to come AFTER ... the gardening today, hopefully!!

I haven't listed much in Artfire this week, and things seem ... unsettled on Etsy this week ... problems with them losing my items in Google shopping, etc.

But the big news of the week is not online at all for me, it's that I have been going ga-ga for gardening, got 2 flats of petunias into the ground, which is a milestone because it means I got the beds all prepped and ready to stick seeds all around the petunias, which I consider a filler annual. The irises are thisclose to blooming, the lettuce and spinach are yummy, and yes, I have neglected my three little shops somewhat this week!

Want to see everything in all of them? Here's Artfire, here's Any Old Time Vintage at Etsy and here's ebay ads

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