Sand Pails

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I love the beauty of lithographed items.  One of my favorite items are metal sand pails.  I thought I'd share some to be found online.  Clicking on images will take you directly to the items for sale.

Above:  From RichardandRuthie on Etsy
I found two square ones, I've never seen these before!

Above:  From Dollsantique on Ruby Lane and below from Huxtins:

You can still find them in antique shops and at flea markets, if you are patient!  If not, there's also reproductions now, you can start your own vintage collection for later!
Both of these are from Picky Picky Me:

Above is seaside, below is Atlantic City.

At the Gatherings, you can find this one:

Stop by and check out this blog post regarding sand pails:

By Completely Coastal on Blogspot.
Have a great day!

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