Royal Gifts: The Orange Blossom Parure, 1839-1846

Friday, April 29, 2011


Pieces of the Orange Blossom Parure
Given by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria
Gold, Enamel, Porcelain
The Royal Collection
Did you really think I’d let the day of the Royal wedding pass without mentioning Queen Victoria? I didn’t think so.

Perhaps the most romantic of all the Royal couple, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria truly took delight in one another. They lavished each other with gifts from almost the moment they met. One of the first gifts that Prince Albert gave Victoria—well before their marriage—was a lovely little pin of enamel and gold which took the form of a sprig of orange blossoms. Orange blossoms were often associated with marriage.

In honor of this gift, the Queen wore real orange blossoms on the day of her wedding. Over the next seven years, Prince Albert gifted the Queen with several more pieces of orange blossom jewelry. Some of these pieces still remain as part of this impressive and attractive parure.

Queen Victoria wore this suite on her wedding anniversary each year, even after the early death of Prince Albert.


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