Riksbank Sweden banknotes design competition

Friday, April 29, 2011


Sweden Riksbank has announced a competition to design Sweden’s new banknotes. The competition is open to artists, graphic artists, designers and architects. The intention is to use the winning suggestion as the starting point for the design of the new banknotes. Applications must be presented no later than 20 May. There is no information in English if this competition open to everyone or not.

The competition will be held in two stages. During stage 1, all those who fulfil the qualification requirements can register their interest in taking part in the competition. The Riksbank will then select 5-8 of the applicants, who will compete in stage 2 by presenting proposals for the design of the six banknote denominations. The competition will be held in accordance with competition regulations approved by the Swedish Association of Architects, the Artists Organisation KRO and the Swedish Association of Designers.

The jury will consist of four members of the General Council of the Riksbank and two artistic experts. The members are Peter Egardt, chairman, Anders Karlsson, Sonia Karlsson and Ebba Lindsö. The artistic experts are Jordi Arkö and Karin Granqvist. The jurty will co-opt further expertise as necessary.

Questions regarding the public procurement process should be addressed in writing via e-mail to or via ordinary mail to the following address: Dnr 2011-239-ADM, Formgivning, Sveriges Riksbank, SE-103 37 Stockholm. The replies to questions of general interest will be published at regular intervals on the Riksbank’s website. The questions will be reproduced anonymously. The Riksbank cannot guarantee that questions sent after 13 May 2011 will be answered before the application deadline has expired.


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