Friday, April 29, 2011


Really...Ralph!!?? NEVER fail to inspire me season after season!!!

The one and only, THE MAGNIFICENT RALPH LAUREN continues to out do himself!! The Spring '11 women's collection simply knocks my country girl socks off!!

He absolutely has a never ending reservoir of creativity, style, and pure GENIUS that blows my mind!

REALLY...RALPH...How is it that you read my mind? You manifest what  I can only DREAM!!!??? Can you imagine yourself draped in this finery?

RL is by far my all time favorite designer for HOME AND FASHION!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...the juxtaposition he so succesfully instills in all of his designs...

...refined, rugged, time-worn, tattered, pure LUXE!

OH...SWEET you not LOVE this man?

This collection is absolutely a favorite, it's like taking a kick ass COUNTRY COWGIRL for a high falutin' city visit!

He LIVES his design......EVERYTHING  affects and inspires his
aesthetic. (kinda like me ) ;)

The AMAZING lifestyle he leads is proof that the fiber of his being is his creative sensibility.

Wanted to share my FAVORITE guy and all that he is...

Do you LOVE him like I do??

Gypsy Kisses


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