Punch's Cousin, Chapter 233

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Marjani sat up with considerable effort and glared at Marie Laveau. “Listen, you,” Marjani moaned. “I’d rather spend the rest of my life in this agony than join myself to you and your wickedness.”

“I hate to say it,” Marie shook her head, “but, I done admire your strength. We don’t have to be bad friends, Woman.”

From the pocket of her apron, Marie removed a small glass bottle and offered it to Marjani. “Drink this.”

“What is it?” Marjani asked, taking the bottle from Marie. “Some kind of sick mixture of goofer dust and bad wishes?”

“Close.” Marie smiled. “But, it’ll take away your pain.”

“Why should I believe you?” Marjani grunted.

“Have you got any other choice?” Marie smiled.

Meanwhile at their sad, borrowed shanty, Charles rushed toward Barbara Allen before she could do harm to Giovanni.

“You’re protecting him?” Barbara asked in a rage. “This man you’ve fled for all this time? This man who so shames you that you’ve changed your name and lived a life of servitude to avoid him?”

“I’m not protecting him!” Charles replied. “I’m protecting you! Do you really want blood on your hands in addition to…” He paused.

“In addition to all of my other sins?” Barbara spat.

“I didn’t say that.” Charles said, holding Barbara in his arms.

“You didn’t have to.” Barbara struggled to get away from him. “What does it matter? Who cares what happens to me now. I have nothing!”

“You have me, and I care.” Charles held her close. “I care more than you know.”

“Why?” Barbara wailed.

“Because, we’re the same. I understand you. We’ve both spent so much of our lives running away. Do you want to keep running? No, lets’ stop running, Barbara. Let’s be still—together.”

“I have nothing to offer you. Nothing except pain and ruin.” Barbara said.

Behind the, Giovanni moaned as he struggled to sit up.

“Just come away with me, Barbara. We can start anew.” Charles pleaded.

Meanwhile, outside the Cage’s Royal Street mansion, Mr. Punch took Adrienne’s hand as Edward released her from his grip. Adrienne hugged Mr. Punch and began to cry. “Now, now, Lady Chum.” Mr. Punch whispered as he helped her back into the carriage where Robert—still holding little Colin--helped her to sit down.

“There now,” Edward growled. “You got your woman back. Where’s my son?”

“Settle down, Edward.” Ulrika said, stepping forward.

Edward snarled at Ulrika. “Get away from me, Ulrika. I don’t wish to see that deformed pile of flesh you’re carrying.”

“This pile of flesh is Iolanthe Evangeline’s son.” Ulrika laughed.

“He’s disgusting.” Edward said. “The only child I wish to see is the one that belongs to me.”

“You’ll never get him, you won’t.” Mr. Punch said.

I’ve kept my end of the bargain. You’ve got your woman.” Edward fumed.

“Gentlemen,” Ulrika tried to quiet them. “You’re drawing attention to yourselves. We can work this out.”

“You keep saying that, Miss Rittenhouse.” Cecil barked. “Would you care to explain yourself?”

“It’s quite simple really. You have in our possession the child that belongs to Mr. Cage. Naturally, he wants it back.”

“You’re not one to talk to us about keepin’ things what don’t belong to you.” Mr. Punch mumbled.

“True.” Ulrika said. “But, I’m willing to correct that. You see, if you give Mr. Cage the child, I’ll reward you.”

“You got nothin’ I want.” Mr. Punch frowned.

“I think I do.” Ulrika winked. “I will not only give you another child, but I’ll return the thing you’ve been seeking all this time. You still want your father’s blue diamond, don’t you?”

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