Punch's Cousin, Chapter 232

Friday, April 29, 2011


Barbara Allen shrieked as she stumbled away from Charles. He caught her before she could fall backwards. Her speech was incomprehensible as she peered at Charles through tear-blurred eyes. She babbled viciously, her grief making her at once fierce and vulnerable, wild and weak.

“I’m so dreadfully sorry,” Charles whispered.

“My son!” Barbara screamed. “My brother!” She tugged on her hair and moaned. “It’s my fault!” Barbara crumpled to her knees. “They’re all gone. All of them, my entire family. Mother, Papa, Julian…and my…my…boy…”

A groan from behind them made Charles turn briskly to see Giovanni regaining consciousness.

“It’s not your fault, Lady Barbara. The death of your father—at the very least—can be pinned on one man.”

“Who?” Barbara hissed.

“My brother,” Charles whispered, glancing back at Giovanni.

Barbara shot to her feet and rushed past Charles. Towering over Giovanni she bellowed. “Then, he must die as well.”

Meanwhile, Marjani yelped as Marie Laveau stood over her.

“Got yourself a belly ache?” Marie grinned as she peered down at Marjani.

“You know that I do. You done it to me.” Marjani cried.

“I sure did,” Marie laughed. “And, I can undo it, too.”

“Then, do it!” Marjani growled.

“Oh, I will, woman. All ya gotta do is pledge your devotion to me.”

At that moment, the very much alive Mr. Punch turned to Ulrika Rittenhouse and whispered sharply. “This don’t concern you, you ginger weasel!”

“Oh, but it does.” Ulrika smiled. “My friend has been charged with your murder. But, you’re not dead. You’re here still trying to steal this man’s son.”

“Seems to me you got a baby of your own there to worry ‘bout. So, go on!” Mr. Punch spat.

Ulrika clucked her tongue. Shaking her head, she widened her eyes and glared at Edward Cage. “Let the woman go,” She said, nodding toward Adrienne.

“No.” Edward growled, tightening his grip on Adrienne. “Not until Holt is returned to me.”

“You don’t need that round-heeled French woman.” Ulrika chuckled. “We’ll get your boy back. And, I know how we’ll do it.”

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