Daily Dose of Cute

Friday, April 29, 2011


Here are four things you need to know about Matilda: 1. She is very fuzzy. 2. She doesn't like being groomed. 3. She doesn't particularly like grooming herself, either. 4. So she gets mats.

Although she's not good about letting me brush her, she is pretty good about letting me cut mats out of her fur with scissors, so that's the routine. EXCEPT. She won't let me get anywhere near the backs of her back legs and around her butt, and so she gets these huge-ass mats that are just impossible to deal with—and they are certainly no fun for her to have, either.

So I summoned her infinitely patient groomer, who continues to work with Tils despite Tils having bitten her once, and requested that she get rid of all those difficult mats by giving Tilsy a lion cut for the summer. It's the first lion cut she's ever had, and I cannot stop giggling at how ridiculously adorable she looks.

"Oh the humanity!"

I can't get over the fuzzy boots.

"It's all the rage in Paris, you know."

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