Santa Barbara Fair and Expo

Saturday, April 30, 2011


called..."The Land of Ahhhhhs"
April 27 - May 1, 2011

Earl Warren Showgrounds (Las Positas and Hwy 101)

the Carnival Midway offers more than 30 rides and attractions

including a Petting Zoo for  children, pony rides and 
a Kid's Carnival

The Wizard of Oz ....
theme will  feature a Look-alike Contest on opening day, Wednesday, April 27th
Everyone who dresses as one of the characters from
"The Wizard of Oz" will be admitted to the fair free.
(full costumes only, masks don't count)

Warren Hall (Emerald City) will feature the expo, a showcase of local foods,
wine & beer, arts & crafts, horticulture and fine arts displays.
lots of free samples of featured desserts, appetizers and other yummy foods in
the Fair & Expo Cooking Contest.

Tickets available at the door...
info:  805-687-0766;

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My April 2011 flickr favoritesThe sweetest parcelEaster Sunday in my sisters cottage gardenHappy Easter!Spring garden loveIn my garden shelfBeautiful RanunculusSavory & ZincSpring is definitely hereAnother April garden viewSpring mantle April 2011Spring Mantle close upBird's eye viewHaving fun with peat potsHaving fun with peat pots 2Having fun with peat pots 1Happy Easter Chalkboard Bunny~ Happy Easter 2011 ~Fröhliche OsternEgg keeperHearts just openedBlueish SpringSpring mantle in the mirrorSepia Love

Hello dear friends!
Here are my latest pictures from my flickr album with garden photos, Easter crafts, Home decorations and a friendship parcel that arrived in April. April was a wonderful month with the best and warmest Spring weather one could have wished for! We had a beautiful family Easter feast at my sister's country cottage and my mum is doing very well right now. I spent a lot of time in my garden and the month just flew by. I'll do another post with new garden pictures later today.
xoxo~ Carola

Painting of the Day: “The Wedding Morning,” 1892


The Wedding Morning
John Henry F. Bacon, 1892
The Lady Lever Art Gallery
Here’s another painting purchased by Liverpool soap magnate Lord Levehulme to be used as an advertisement for his soap. Aside from its marketing appeal, it’s also a lovely work of art by John Henry Frederick Bacon. It was first displayed at the Royal Academy in 1892 where it was immediately purchased by Lord Leverhulme. Critics, while calling the painting “overly sentimental,” praised Bacon’s rendering of light, calling it an essay in lighting.

When Leverhulme reproduced the painting for his advertising, he had the clock on the mantel replaced with a box of his soap. Afterwards, he presented this lovely bridal seen to his wife and it remains in the Lady Lever Art Gallery to this day.

Royal Pets: Queen Alexandra with Facey, 1893


Queen Alexandra While
Princess of Wales
with Facey, 1893
Sir (Samuel) Luke Fildes
The Royal Collection
Among the gifts given to The Duke and Duchess of York (the future King George V and Princess Victoria Mary of Teck), was this beautiful painting of the Duke’s mother, The Princess of Wales (later, Queen Alexandra) and one of her favorite dogs, Facey.

The painting by Sir Samuel Luke Fildes was commissioned by Members of Royal Household as a gift for the Duke. Mary of Teck was said to have been very fond of the painting and displayed it prominently.

The Art of Play: The Royal Wedding Charger, 1981


The Royal Wedding Charger
The Victoria & Albert Museum
Museum of Childhood
This oddly cute toy was produced in 1981 as a memento of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer and is the work of Maggie Wareham. Constructed of rope, wood, beads, shells and lace, this hand-carved and hand-painted toy depicts the Prince and Princess of Wales astride a colorful charger.

Though Mr. Heal had created this unusual piece for Mr. Oliver Heal of the department store Heal's of Tottenham Court Road, London. Instead of displaying this nifty object in the store as planned, Mr. Heal was so amused by the toy that he donated it to the Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood.

Saturday Sparkle: The Rose of York Brooch, 1893


The Rose of York Brooch
Enamel, Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds
Collingwood & Co., 1893
The Royal Collection
Produced by Collingwood & Co. in 1893, the Rose of York Brooch is a masterpiece of gold, enamel and diamonds. Originally, this floral jewel was the centerpiece of a bracelet. The middle of the bracelet was detachable so that the floral section could be worn as a pin. The design takes its cues from the symbols of the Dukedom of York.

This is one of several that were produced in 1893 for The Duke of York (the future King George V) as gifts from the bridegroom to the bridesmaids. After the marriage of the Duke of York and Princess Mary of Teck, the duke presented one of these to each of the bridesmaids.

This is one of the few surviving pieces of this collection. None of the bracelets survive.

Punch's Cousin, Chapter 233


Marjani sat up with considerable effort and glared at Marie Laveau. “Listen, you,” Marjani moaned. “I’d rather spend the rest of my life in this agony than join myself to you and your wickedness.”

“I hate to say it,” Marie shook her head, “but, I done admire your strength. We don’t have to be bad friends, Woman.”

From the pocket of her apron, Marie removed a small glass bottle and offered it to Marjani. “Drink this.”

“What is it?” Marjani asked, taking the bottle from Marie. “Some kind of sick mixture of goofer dust and bad wishes?”

“Close.” Marie smiled. “But, it’ll take away your pain.”

“Why should I believe you?” Marjani grunted.

“Have you got any other choice?” Marie smiled.

Meanwhile at their sad, borrowed shanty, Charles rushed toward Barbara Allen before she could do harm to Giovanni.

“You’re protecting him?” Barbara asked in a rage. “This man you’ve fled for all this time? This man who so shames you that you’ve changed your name and lived a life of servitude to avoid him?”

“I’m not protecting him!” Charles replied. “I’m protecting you! Do you really want blood on your hands in addition to…” He paused.

“In addition to all of my other sins?” Barbara spat.

“I didn’t say that.” Charles said, holding Barbara in his arms.

“You didn’t have to.” Barbara struggled to get away from him. “What does it matter? Who cares what happens to me now. I have nothing!”

“You have me, and I care.” Charles held her close. “I care more than you know.”

“Why?” Barbara wailed.

“Because, we’re the same. I understand you. We’ve both spent so much of our lives running away. Do you want to keep running? No, lets’ stop running, Barbara. Let’s be still—together.”

“I have nothing to offer you. Nothing except pain and ruin.” Barbara said.

Behind the, Giovanni moaned as he struggled to sit up.

“Just come away with me, Barbara. We can start anew.” Charles pleaded.

Meanwhile, outside the Cage’s Royal Street mansion, Mr. Punch took Adrienne’s hand as Edward released her from his grip. Adrienne hugged Mr. Punch and began to cry. “Now, now, Lady Chum.” Mr. Punch whispered as he helped her back into the carriage where Robert—still holding little Colin--helped her to sit down.

“There now,” Edward growled. “You got your woman back. Where’s my son?”

“Settle down, Edward.” Ulrika said, stepping forward.

Edward snarled at Ulrika. “Get away from me, Ulrika. I don’t wish to see that deformed pile of flesh you’re carrying.”

“This pile of flesh is Iolanthe Evangeline’s son.” Ulrika laughed.

“He’s disgusting.” Edward said. “The only child I wish to see is the one that belongs to me.”

“You’ll never get him, you won’t.” Mr. Punch said.

I’ve kept my end of the bargain. You’ve got your woman.” Edward fumed.

“Gentlemen,” Ulrika tried to quiet them. “You’re drawing attention to yourselves. We can work this out.”

“You keep saying that, Miss Rittenhouse.” Cecil barked. “Would you care to explain yourself?”

“It’s quite simple really. You have in our possession the child that belongs to Mr. Cage. Naturally, he wants it back.”

“You’re not one to talk to us about keepin’ things what don’t belong to you.” Mr. Punch mumbled.

“True.” Ulrika said. “But, I’m willing to correct that. You see, if you give Mr. Cage the child, I’ll reward you.”

“You got nothin’ I want.” Mr. Punch frowned.

“I think I do.” Ulrika winked. “I will not only give you another child, but I’ll return the thing you’ve been seeking all this time. You still want your father’s blue diamond, don’t you?”

Did you miss Chapters 1-232? If so, you can read them here. Come back on Monday, May 2, 2011 for Chapter 234 of Punch’s Cousin.

Goal for the Day: Make Decisions with Your Head. Not Your Heart


Sometimes, we want things that just aren’t possible. Reality has a way of intruding on our desires. Often, we can’t carry out our plans because weather, economics and other practical matters get in the way. Every so often, we proceed despite these impediments, but in doing so we may put ourselves in situations that aren’t in our best interest.

That’s why it’s important to make decisions based on reality and not based on our wants and desires. Though we may not be emotionally satisfied by delays, we’ve got to think about the long-run. We must remember that we’ll eventually get what we want, and the best way to get it is always the safest and most comfortable route.

More from Eric Mecum: plywood body guitar

The missing part of the NO-caster was a vehicle for an old archtop pickup. Neck and bridge were left over parts from another Mississippi Gabe Carter project. Back board isn't needed but gives it some girth. Peavey neck has a great radius. The pickup's self-contained cord is only 4 feet long so I taped a coupler to back, acts as jack. Pickup sounds fricken amazing!

Eric Mecum

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Object of the Day: An Antique Silver Napkin Ring


From my collection of antique napkin rings comes another engraved silver piece. My guess is that this silver ring dates to the 1920’s. With its beaded edge and chased checkerboard pattern, it demonstrates the ideals of 1920’s English design. As is often the case, this has been monogrammed within a smooth silver circle. A florid “F” stands out against the geometric design.

I like napkin rings and wish that we could use them more often. Cloth napkins don’t really lend themselves to daily use, but I think it’s always nice to dress a beautiful table every so often. It can give importance to even the simplest meal.

One More chance to Meet Ki Nassauer, and have a good time to boot!


We are having a great time... and you have one more chance to come by and meet Ki.
And you never know who else might show up.
Our newest Tulula Head below. Can you say "Awwwww".
Get your books and magazines signed, and visit with the Junk Guru herself.
Today 11-4 at Sweet Peas and Winnie & Tulula's

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Weekend Promotions!


I'm promoting my Sing A Vintage Rainbow Series today!  This is part six in the series:

You can view the others in the series by clicking on View VintageStation's other treasuries lists.
What are you promoting today?
Have a great weekend!
Today I want to tell you about the antique marquee letters we sell....


My husband was selling some items at an outdoor show when he was approached by someone with a small group of old, chippy paint marquee letters....that they wanted to sell :)
Because my husband could rival the American Picker guys in knowing when something is wonderful, he knew right away that these were something very special....

Long turns out there were quite a few of these antique letters still stored in the original warehouse of the company that produced them from the late 1800's - the early 1900's (last patent date was 1917).

We still sell these letters but sadly the supply is getting low..and many letters are no longer available :(
We have kept a complete alphabet for ourselves however :)
They come in 3 sizes, we sell the largest (8&1/2") primarily, only using the smaller letters in words where we like a random size look.
My sister, peppercorns2, sells the smaller sizes in her shops...

Happy Sunday everyone!!!
Well, after much contemplation and pushing (gentle pushing from loving friends)
I'm promoting my vintage shop.  It is finally open again but it's like starting over, which is kinda nice.  Slow but sure it will grow, but stop by and take a look.
Vintage Brooch with Faux Pearls and Pink and Blue Rhinestones
Vintage Brooch from

Welcome Back Dude!  Nice to see your shop opened again and I love that brooch up there!

Here is today's treasury as part of my Sing A Vintage Rainbow Series, last one in the series is tomorrow.

Opera Glasses Ink Well


I thought this quite unusual(another of Auntie Margaret's treasures!). It's an inkwell-that looks like opera glasses. And someone has painted little designs all over it!

I think it's a neat little treasure!


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