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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Troll dolls!!!
I love troll dolls, they just plain make me smile and I want to pinch their cheeks!
Here is a web site dedicated to trolls:

Through Etsy, I met Rebecca who takes such good care of her dollies, she provides them with anything they could possibly need.   Every troll needs a Snuggie, don't they?
(Click on photo to go directly to her Etsy listing)
 and if you visit her shop, you'll see other items your troll can't live without!  She makes the smallest items I've ever seen and all for dolls!  You can find her here:
 (Click on banner to visit her shop)
She has documented the lives of her dollies for the rest of us to see and posted their lives on Flickr:  

 Take time to go through the thumbnails and read her comments!  Fair warning, don't do it while drinking your morning coffee!
(Click on banner to visit her shop)
Another Etsy seller that makes sure to keep the trolls alive is Last American Hippies.  I visit her shop often to see what she has for troll dolls.  My all time favorite listing is this one:
(Click on photo to go directly to listing on Etsy)
Momma always says to wear clean undies! 
And from ACJ's own, my favorite card from GoodGosh!
(Click on photo to be taken directly to listing in Etsy)

Makes me giggle every time I see it!
And for those who can make their own doll clothes, here's a pattern for you!
(Click on photo to be taken directly to listing on Etsy)

How can you NOT smile when you see these?  They bring back such fond memories.

Thanks to Beckynot and LastAmericanHippies for keeping the trolls out from under the bridges!

 Have a great weekend,

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