Mother-Daughter Adventures in Abilene

Monday, February 21, 2011


I just spent the weekend with my mom, doing the usual mother-daughter things like ....... going to a "FUR-BALL"! The Abilene Rescue the Animals organization puts on this fund raising ball every year to raise money for their shelter. This year it was a pirate theme where owners and dogs dressed up! They have small dog dance competition, a large dog dance competition, costume awards, and of coarse  a doggie buffet. Everyone got  into the theme, if you were not dressed up you were the minority! Hopefully in days to come I can download some photos for you of all the dogs! It was so fun!

While there with my mom we came across many old photos of the two of us so I thought on occasion I would post our adventures with an old photo. I think I was three and I was such a spaz, I kept falling out of the wagon so my dad built sides on it for me! Some things never change! I believe this was taken in Hawaii and my mother was about 24? Thanks for letting me share. ads

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