Let Me Introduce you....

Sunday, February 27, 2011


 to the newest member of our Deer Collection...

Doesn't he look like a content little fellow?

A while ago I did a blog article on our collection of cement garden deer, most of which now live inside our home...

This newest member of our collection came to us via the Dude...he happily lived out in her front yard "forever" or as she said, "she can't remember when he wasn't there"! 

As she needed to move and downsize her "stuff" my husband and I offered to help her have an Estate Sale....this is the prize we carried away from her sale...he obviously could not be left behind and needed a good home where he would find other he came to live with us..

The Dude knows she can visit him whenever she wants to :) and he loves it because he has a special spot right next to the fireplace where he is safe and secure...and loved!

Thanks Duuuuuuude ♥

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