Thursday, February 24, 2011


I came across this post at House & Home by Reiko Caron (click here to read it) about knitted stools designed by Claire-Anne O'Brien and I did a double take.  I love the overscaled, chunky feel of these and so I went to take a look at her website.

This is what is written there about Claire-Anne:

"Claire-anne is a textile designer specialising in knitting. Originally from Ireland she has recently graduated from the Royal College of Art [2010] with a Masters in Textiles. Since graduating she has set up a studio in East London and has exhibited with Designers Block at London Design Week as well as the recent Interiors Show in Birmingham. Her work plays with technique and scale creating playful and tactile fabrics for interiors. This sculptural approach to textiles brings fabrics to life in three dimensions through form exploration and furniture."

WOW!  What furniture she is designing.  Here's some of her, oh so interesting designs for stools:

For stacking seats:

And chairs:

So creative and different, aren't they?

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