friday before & after: tv stand

Friday, February 25, 2011


hellooooo! it is friday and friends that makes me sooo happy!

this weekend i will be trekking back to my home town in texas to visit my dad. i am so excited - i haven't been home since christmas and can't wait to see him and a ton of my family and friends. it is going to be a fast paced weekend but it will definitely be worth it!

anyhoo - a few weeks ago the p.h. and i procured a new tv stand and tv for our living room. i have been dying to get rid of the monster tv that was in there. it was so huge i couldn't even fit in in the camera frame. it was threatening to eat my furniture and possibly my sanity. it was that bad.

the tv stand we got was beautiful - it has plenty of dvd storage and cubbies for electrical equipment as well as a storage compartment with two glass doors. but it was stained a dark mahogany color. it was like a black hole. it sucked the life out of the room.

so i painted it!

here it is the day we brought it home. p.h. was so awesome and took all the doors and hardware off so i could get straight to work. i did a little post here about the first few steps but i will recap here.

i had to set it up in the living room to do the overhaul - it was right before the snowpocalypse storm blew through and i did not want to be caught in 20 degree weather painting this thing outside. no. thanks.

i put it on these little blocks so the paint wouldn't make it stick to the tarp.
{don't be jealous of my supa-fly camo tarp}

i did not want to sand it. so i coated it with two coats of zinnser primer.

then i coated it with two coats of sifted flour in dutch boy flat.

rindercella rule of thumb: only paint what you can see. ;)

i knew i wanted to do something different to the doors. i did not want a big white blob in the living room anymore than i wanted a big dark brown one.

i had this sample of bedford gray by martha stewart from home depot.

so two coats of zinnser and two coats of bedford gray went on the doors.

and then we put it all back together.

and that is the start to all the work that is going into the living room. there is a lot to be done in there:

find less intrusive tv and a tv stand to go under it
paint the black shelves
add trim to make the shelves look more custom and less tar-jay
possibly connect them over the tv to look like an entertainment stand
paint walls (most likely bedford gray)
get rid of bachelor pad recliners and get a chair/ottoman
paint coffee table and side tables.
art and accessories.

unfortunately this room is not at the top of the list.. but one day i will get there! :) happy friday - hope you have a great weekend!!

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