Fashion Colorworks 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011


contest_logo_190x190_dark The second International Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest is being held by My Lovely Beads.

The first International Fashion Colorworks 2010 Beading Contest was a resounding success for all its participants: the contestants, the sponsors, the judges, and the bead lovers. 83 participants from 20 countries submitted 132 entries!

The second International Fashion Colorworks 2011 Beading Contest is on its way!

There are three categories: Seed Bead Jewellery, Finished Jewellery, and Beaded Objects and Accessories.

The entries for each category should be created in one of the chosen three Pantone Colour Institute fashion colours for spring 2011 colour combinations below:

The 1st colour combination:

image Russet (CMYK: 44-67-76-9; RGB: 92614C)
Coral Rose (CMYK: 0-63-86-0; RGB: F47D39)
Blue Curacao (CMYK: 63-0-22-0; RGB: 4AC3CC)



The 2nd colour combination:

image Lavender (CMYK: 33-32-0-0; RGB: A9A6D2)
Peapod (CMYK: 56-0-51-0; RGB: 71C59B)
Silver Cloud (CMYK: 25-19-23-0; RGB: C0C0BB)



The 3rd colour combination:

image Regatta (CMYK: 73-28-0-0; RGB: 3397D3)
Silver Peony (CMYK: 3-13-15-0; RGB: F4DDD0)
Beeswax (CMYK: 0-30-78-0; RGB: FDBA51)



contest_logo_460x80For the official contest rules and more details please visit:


I would love to take part, but unfortunately I will be away from the 6th March till after the deadline :-( but I cannot wait to see all the entries… last year they were amazing!!! Let’s see what this year’s contestants bring to the table!!!

Wishing you all best of luck in the contest!!! :-) Happy beading!!! :-)


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