1980s Jolana Disco

Monday, February 28, 2011


This one is a cool one! A Jolana Disco with a double florentine cutaway between a SG and a Bison, a huge humbucker in middle position, and the strange pickguard resulting. If I wasn't saving for another guitar, I'd jump on this one - and not just for the look, remember that Jolana was probably the best guitar brand in communist Europe...


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Our Quilt talk was canceled due to snow and is rescheduled for Thurs March 31st at 6:00 Please RSVP or just come join us!



When I ordered my winkles from Ireland, I received a bit of teasing about their name. I admit it may have been because I was so excited about getting them. Someone (we will not name) even had so much fun she made a wonderful treasury with winkles as the basis. Well, I've received my winkles and they are so tiny and cute...I love them!

I decided just for the fun of it to do a search on Etsy and Artfire to see what comes up when you enter "winkles". I had no idea there would be such a fun and wide variety of items. Here are the different things that I found:
                          Tiggy Winkle Tea


                                                               Winkle Trapp and Glenn

          Kathie Winkle Olympus Pattern Cup and Saucer Set by Broadhurst China

Lucie and Ms Tiggy Winkle head down the hill

Winkle - 1oz Wool Fiber

Vintage Rip Van Winkle Velvet on Glass Picture Circa 1975

And the winner is.........................

Photo Card - Winkles 5x7

Pick a word, any word, and do a search. You'll be surprised what pops up.

Pepper/Helmet Head

Upcoming Events-mark you Calendars


April 29 and 30 Ki Nassauer will be in from Flea Market Style Magazine to sign her magazines and books. If you have any of her past books bring em and she will sign them and be glad to talk about the projects with you. We will have current issues of FMS for sale at the event as well.

It will be Fri Afternoon and Sat…will have more details as the event gets closer.


June 18 Junk & Disorderly Sale..our annual Birthday Bash…and Sidewalk sale, In addition to inside sales

Little Shop of Arts and Antiques


A lovely weekend visiting my friend who paints, Becky, and the second weekend of her gallery opening in the Little Shop of Arts and Antiques in Lilburn, GA.  The brain child of Barbara, artist, antique collector/seller, shop keeper, promoter, you name it, she runs this delightful little shop that is full of color, energy and has it all.  A cozy little place, it is filled to the brim with all treasures imaginable from original art by local artisans, hand crafted steam punk jewelry, antiques, and gift items.  Look above, look below, inside drawers and cabinets, there is treasure hidden everywhere.

Everywhere you turn there are tiny vignettes of style and design.

Clementine is dressed and moved from room to room at shop owner, Barbara's whim.  Today she was wearing an Edwardian waist shirt, sassy scarf and vintage hat.

Vintage time pieces...perfect for the time watch collector or your local white rabbit.

Robin's egg  blue eggs in silver have a rich, yet simplistic look to them.

Even a children's corner with antique desk, vintage rag dolls, and lots of  books for reading time.

Love this mannequin's look of vintage slips and pretty latigo and pressed leather, vintage purses.

A stack of original art is enticing.

Growing up as a Kosher-Catholic, I have a fondness for vintage Catholic items and you will find these throughout the shop. (I always marry up menorah's with creche's at Christmas)

Don't you just love this pretty pink washstand?  So many nifty things can be found here.  Will have to return often to say hello to new and old friends and to find a treasure or two.

Found some great items over the weekend.  I love 18th and 19th century pieces.  This pretty plum pudding stoneware piece dates from the 1840s.

Neat little Peter Rabbit book from the 1940s.
Pretty, little color plates inside too.

Nifty pair of vintage tap panties.  Original price tag still intact.

A second pair of vintage panties.  Original union label and tag still attached.  Circa 1960s.

A nice assortment of vintage lace hankerchiefs.  I convert these into christening caps.

I'm a sucker for old shoes.  This pretty pair of antique children's shoes have pearl buttons on the ankle strap.  Well worn, I wonder how many hours were spent jumping rope in these.  Circa 1900s.

Sorry about the blurred photograph.  I didn't realize that my flash was off and the room was dusky.  Still, this is a lovely print from a convent.  The Holy Mother with her Son, Jesus.  Original ornate frame, bubble glass and wood backing.  Circa late 1890s.

A pair of traveler's alarm clocks...all in perfect walking order and loud alarm still works.  Neat little oil can that has the original price tag from J. J. Newberry and a price of 15 cents. 

Pretty little antique marigold, carnival glass small bowl.  Great early piece with a marvelous lustre to it.

and finally, three antique, needle etched wine stems. I love needle etched glass and crystal.  Very popular in the late 1800s and through the 1920s-30s before machine etched glass took over in popularity and demand. There is something so exquisite about this fine etch work.  These are either Fosteria or Tiffen...pattern unknown.  Circa 1920s.

So it was a wonderful weekend visiting the Little Shop of Arts and Antiques in Lilburn, GA and then a weekend of some great finds for my booths.  I hope you all have a pleasant week.  Sea Witch

Mary Randolph Carter


We are always looking for new books or magazines. that cover our favorite subjects namely, interior design, antiques, old junk,and crafting or repuposing with vintage items. One of our favorite authors that seems to cover most of our interests is Mary Randolph Carter. We have featured one of her books before in our book reviews but recently we came across three more of her books that we were able to buy at a very affordable price. The first of the book pictured is entitled, A Perfectly Kept House Is The Sign Of A Misspent Life. How can you not like a book by this title?  This is our kind of book!

The second book we got is called Garden Junk. This appealed to our love of garden and our love of  vintage garden junk.

The third book we got is called American Junk. We can only recommend that if you love collecting vintage and "junking" you have to take a look at these books and any others you can find by this author. There are lots of great quotes and lots of great pictures. You will find that Mary Randolph Carter is truly the patron saint of the bad, the chipped and the distressed.

Cub Scout and an Award


This is my nephew(my sister's son) posing with his first award. He and his dad made a little car to race and he scored third place twice! Way to Go!!!!!!

Hooray for Hollywood!



Well, I stayed up late last night to watch the Academy Awards.  I still can't believe my childhood dreams of being a movie star never panned out!  And although I missed being there in person by a few days I was actually in Hollywood just last Wednesday, only 4 days before the big award show, and I actually got to walk on the red carpet... ok, it was covered in plastic, but nonetheless, I got to walk on it!   Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, as an adult my ambitions have shifted somewhat, just recently I had three paintings accepted by the Round Rock Area Arts Council, and I am tickled pink!   I just dropped them off at the Williamson County Annex today and they should be hanging there through the end of June.  So I hope  you'll get a chance to drop by and take a look!

Top Left:  Serpent Dance 
Top Right:  Sun Worship
Bottom Left :  Sun Serpent
All  9 x 12, acrylic

Bijoux Box Sneak Peek...


Just a little peek at the Bijoux Box I altered for my swap partner for the Moulin Rouge event.
Creams, beige and browns were her colors. This was truly a labor of love! I hope she likes it...

Frightening experience last night explained Today.


Last night we were having some heavy storms in Northwest Arkansas and when that happens my husband and I always keep an eye on the weather as we live in a trailer house and it's a good idea to know if there are tornadoes possible. Well Rodney and I went to bed about 10:30 and around 11 pm the roof shifted and made a creaking noise that made us both shoot straight up out of bed, both of us immediately thought it was a tornado and got up to watch the weather. Watched the weather and decided everything was ok, but still freaked out about the noise our roof made as we had never heard it do that before. 
Come to find out today there was an earthquake in central Arkansas last night about 11 pm a 4.7 magnitude. and that was what Rodney and I felt. It has been felt up to 500 miles from the center.

Strange things are afoot beneath the surface in the Ozarks...
Earthquakes like this are NOT normal for us, at least not for us in NW Arkansas, this is the first one I've ever felt and have lived here all my life.

update: Yahoo News...

The Missing Ingredient


Good Monday all!

Remember the Chicken & Rice recipe that I shared in my last post??
The one that passed my families taste test but too me lacked a little in flavor when comparing it to the memory of my grandmother's Chicken & Rice.

Well, I talked to my cousin last night and she told me the missing ingredient. (Thanks Amy!)

**Campbell's French Onion Soup**

So I'll be making the recipe again very soon but using the french onion soup in place of the cream of onion.

If this is your first visit here then you are probably wondering what in the world I'm babbling on about.
If so, then go back a post and read about my Chicken & Rice Recipe.

~ White angel wings ~ Black silhouettes ~ Soldered mementos ~


Can't believe today is the last day of the last Winter month February already and I didn't get around to do a new blog post the whole month long, well now I have to hurry because I promised myself to do at least one long blog post every month. I wish I could do more but right now to keep my self made promise already seems to be difficult.

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage my dear blogging friends and faithful readers and thank you so much for still coming to visit me, although I'm such a bad blogger.

So let's see what has happened lately, well as you can see in the first picture my antique dress form Rose got wings! My sister Cordula ~ a German paper and mixed media artist ~ made them for me and gave them to me as a Christmas present and last month I finally brought them up in my studio and attached them to Rose. They are made from paper pulp and wire. I hope she's going to show me how exactly she made them soon.

At the very end of January I got a year older again and I got some more beautiful gifts. I piled them on the dining room table and went to do some errands. When I came back home I found Riley right smack there in the middle of my presents looking at me as if he would think:
"See Carola I'm your cutest present anyway"
Of course I had to take a picture, or two.

I'm still so obsessed with silhouettes, especially really old ones, like the framed one on my birthday table, which I got from my dear mom, speaking about who is still going through a very hard time with chemo treatments, so to cheer her up a bit I made her a special family memento. The soldered and collaged house that you see below contains old pictures of mom's family the Nagel's, her parents and siblings.

I connected two houses with loops and hooks so that it stands alone:

Here's my little mom and her older sister, my dear Auntie Renate R.I.P:

Mom's dad was a forest ranger (Oberförster) and he's wearing his forest ranger uniform in the wedding picture, taken 1933:

I also did some soldering for Valentine's day. One of the soldered hearts is currently on it's way to Sue Kantola, a dear flickr friend:

It was so fun to collage and solder the house, that I had to do another one, but seeing that they don't stand alone I inventend a stand for it and was pleased to see that it worked out just as I had hoped for:

I love to incorporate silhouettes in my soldered pieces too as you can see, the pretty lady in the house above was in my may basket from sweet Tina last year. Well and being on a roll I finally soldered enough very small charms and game pieces for a full bracelet.

This is is the other side of my stand alone house. I love the picture of the boy with the top hat, which is a scan of one of my favorite old postcards purchased some time ago on our local Bremen flea market The house pendant below isn't quite finished yet.

Thinking about what else I could solder I came across altered bottles and this one was broken so I used the copper foil and solder to repair it and also to embellish it. I find the domed round glasses filled with 3D items like Sandra's gorgeous white chiffon flower do look great soldered on to the bottle:

I filled the bottle with some silver German glass glitter annd a love message on antique sheet music paper and I also soldered a bottle stopper from a broken glass crystal which I had lying around:

I further soldered some more charms and pendants:

And following my silhouette passion I framed a couple of new and also very old silhouette paper cuts in these pretty white Ikea frames:

The contrast between black and white just makes me happy every time I look at it:

Here is my new old framed silhouette picture of the old German aristocracy family Schaumburg standing on the frame of my new bed:

And the beautiful pillows that my dear friend Anita gifted me with also found a home on my new white bed. The pillow on the right is especially dear and precious to me because it is my grandma Elfriede in the picture when she was 6 years old over 100 years ago and her little brother on the old rocking horse. Anita made this very special pillow for my birthday and we designed it together. I was wishing for a button frame like I had seen it in a book from a swedish designer and author last year and Anita send me pictures on how the pillow would look like with the button frame, laying all the buttons around the photoprint until I really liked it and found it perfect, such patience she had and then she hand sewed over 120 buttons onto the cushiom for me. What a labor of love dear Anita and you can be sure that I will always treasure it as I will your friendship! Thank you once again! xoxo~ C.

So here is the whole new bed! The vintage linen bolster with the french lily is another special one Anita created for me and sent it to me for Christmas.

I can assure you that I have had only good dreams since I sleep in my pretty new bed:

During the day I can just put the bed sheets into the big drawers of my Hemness bed and voila the bed is ready made.

I did not regret taking apart and bringing down my old beautiful but huge iron bed in the basement for one minute yet because my bed room is so much bigger now with a smaller bed and in case I need a bigger bed, I can just pull another bed half out of the bedfastness. Great thing Ikea!

Well now I hope I made up again for the lack of posting during the last 7 weeks and that you wont be mad at me anymore, pretty please?

Coming up next are some friendship swaps and Easter crafs and hopefully some milder temperatures finishing this very long and cold Winter here in Northern Germany soon for gardening works again, I so miss my garden *sigh* and I also miss reading outside in my deckchair with the sun warming me and outdoor flea markets ahh I so can't wait for Spring! I bet neither can't you!
See y'all in March!

xoxo~ Carola

Thank you so very much for all your well wishes for my mom, it means a lot to me and it helps. I believe in the magic of positive thoughts!

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