Friday, December 3, 2010


Hey Pals,

Every hour, day and night we are doing this with Mama:

Looking around for Scuby. Mama calls her name continuously when we are out there.

We know that Scuby is still alive thanks to having our outdoor camera. Yep, and she still has her break away collar on too.

She only shows up near the back of the house about every 2-3 nights and only for about 1-2 minutes usually between 2-4AM. She refuses to go close to the catch em alive trap. Doesn't even care there is smelly food in there. We have food in a bowl on the porch, which she won't touch either. For a few nights we had her kennel and bankie out on the porch and she wouldn't even go up the steps as soon as she saw it sitting there. We were hoping she would smell her own scent. Our cats each go into their own kennel for food time which they don't mind doing at all. In fact Hootie RUNS to her kennel.

We read some tips about putting towels around the catch em alive trap and placing newspapers on the floor of the trap. We have done this.

The only thing we have caught in the trap so far are the feral or outdoor neighbor cats! Hah! Those silly cats. There are two that come around nightly. The tuxedo cat eats anything we put out there for them. Here is his picture:

Of course we're not sure if it is a boy or not. The orange and white cat that we caught is the boy cat we were feeding last winter. He disappeared come Spring and hadn't seen him until last week. Thankfully Scuby is spayed.

Mama tamed all of our cats from the wild out here. Scuby was the wildest of them and took the longest to tame. She would come out during the day time to see us. Each time we would go outside for walkies, she would come out from under our sunroom where she was living and go on our walk with us. We trained her to come inside at night time at least a whole month before making her an indoor cat. She was very tame in the house, except when other humans came into the house. Scuby would run and hide in the basement until they were gone. She was with us almost 2 years.

Would her feral instincts take back over with her escaping outdoors?? Would she NOT want to come back indoors? We know she is NOT living on our land anywhere. She comes from the woods behind us on camera. If anyone has some more ideas for us on how to catch her, please let us know. Mama saw a HOOOGE owl outside this morning and was very worried for Scuby. She only weighs about 8 lbs. We have snow falling now and we're supposed to get 4-7 inches tonight. We're very worried about the coyotes getting her.

Mama is anxious to see how Katie reacts to the snow by morning. Hopefully we can get some pictures of her in the snow! Can you believe she is almost 10 months old now?

Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester & Hootie ads

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