Packed Away for another Year

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I couldn't stand the mess any longer.
Boxes and games, toys and dolls, building sets and much more. Everything has been tossed around my living room since Christmas morning and I couldn't stand to look at it any more.
Now the toys have found new homes in either the toy box, totes or shelves and you can actually see my living room floor again.
AHHH....much better!
I did leave the games out so that we could play some of them tonight. 
The kids really hit the jackpot with games this year which is great because we spend many a winter evening at the kitchen table playing them.
We were going to wait & take the outside lights and decorations down later this week when it warms up to the high 40's (that's a heat wave for us right now!) but they are also calling for rain with those high temps. so we decided to just take it all down today.
Look at how much fun he was having....see that smile?
Actually, he wasn't having that much fun!
He was just laughing at me for taking his picture.
You know how bloggers are ~ they take pictures of everything.  :0)

We worked up an appetite and since I spent absolutely no time in the kitchen today we decided to head out to AppleBee's for dinner tonight. 
Another AHHH moment!
Actually, anytime that I don't have to cook is an ahhh moment for me!
After dinner we did a  little bit of shopping while we were up at the Highlands and then back home.
Now I'm ready to get into my jammies and crawl under the covers.
I am so enjoying this week with the kids being home from school and the hubby being on vacation.

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